Coraline Services
ms 'Mauritius Pride' ms 'Mauritius Trochetia'

Rodrigues Service

The ms 'Mauritius Pride' sails to RODRIGUES some 3 times per month. Whereas the ms 'Mauritius Trochetia' has a monthly call at Port Mathurin.
Both vessels usually depart Port-Louis end afternoon and berth Port-Mathurin early morning one-and-a-half day later (actual sea passage lasts about 36 hours).
Both vessels are cargo / passenger vessels. The ms 'Mauritius Pride' carries breakbulk, cattle, containers, vehicles, fuel & gas (on such trip denominated as MOGAS (M) on the provisional calendar, the number of passengers we accept on board vary between 12 and 33 persons only.

The ms 'Mauritius Trochetia' on her part, carries vehicles & containers and on special occasions fuel & gas.
During the journey, passengers can enjoy the facilities available on board.
The vessel stays between 1 and 3 days at Port Mathurin before sailing back to Port Louis.
During the port stay of the ms 'Mauritius Pride' and the ms 'Mauritius Trochetia', passengers can stay on board on half board basis in cabins only.
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