Coraline Services
ms 'Mauritius Pride' ms 'Mauritius Trochetia'
Reunion Service

Our service includes 5 to 8 voyages per month. During high season (mostly July / August and December / January), additional trips are effected, summing up to 50 voyages annually for each vessel.
The ship usually departs Port-Louis end afternoon and arrives Port-Reunion (usually at La Possession) early next morning (actual sea passage lasts about 10 to 11 hours).
During the journey, passengers have the choice between reading, viewing a film on video, playing with friends, or simply taking a deep breath on the deck.
After dinner and the sale of duty free / souvenir items, folks can swing to the sound and beat of the live duo / disk jockey / dance music taking place either in the cafeteria (MPride) / lounge (MTrochetia).
As soon as the ship arrives in Port Reunion, passengers are transferred by bus to the passenger terminal where immigration and customs formalities are carried out.
The ship normally leaves Reunion on the same day in the afternoon and berths at Port-Louis early following morning.
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